Emergency Eye Care

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Emergency Eye Care services offered in MacDonald Highlands, Horizon Ridge, Green Valley Ranch, Henderson, NV

At Optic Gallery Horizon Ridge, Anne Valdez, OD, and the team offer comprehensive eye care to preserve your eye health. If you have an urgent situation like eye pain, a foreign body in your eye, or red eyes, the team provides emergency eye care in the Henderson, Nevada, office. Call the office or book an appointment online today to receive prompt help for an eye issue.

Emergency Eye Care Q&A

What is emergency eye care?

At Optic Gallery Horizon Ridge, urgent eye care covers the type of situations that need attention right away. Even when you take good care of your eyes and have regular eye exams, sudden issues may occasionally disrupt your vision and eye health. 

The practice is here to help when those situations happen, allowing you to quickly prevent complications and return to optimal eye health. 

What are some situations requiring emergency eye care?

Optic Gallery Horizon Ridge can help with emergency eye care needs, such as:

  • Eye discomfort or pain
  • Red eyes
  • Light sensitivity
  • Sudden vision changes
  • Excessive tearing
  • Dry eyes
  • Unusual eye discharge
  • Gritty-feeling eyes
  • Foreign body in the eye
  • Scratch on the surface of the eye
  • Seeing flashes of light 
  • Seeing floaters (odd shapes drifting across your visual field)
  • Double vision

Other situations, such as severe eye pain, objects embedded deeply in the eye, and sudden blindness, may require emergency care at the nearest hospital. Optic Gallery Horizon Ridge can advise you regarding the right time and place to seek emergency care if you experience a vision-threatening issue. 

What happens during emergency eye care?

When you come to Optic Gallery Horizon Ridge for help with an urgent eye problem, the first step is an eye exam and a discussion about your situation. 

You’ll discuss details about when the issue started, your symptoms, and any treatments you’ve tried at home so far. 

You may receive treatment immediately in the office, for example, eye drops, topical ointment, or removal of a foreign body on the surface of your eye. 

Additionally, you’ll usually receive aftercare instructions so you can continue the healing process at home. You may receive a prescription for antibiotic eye drops, an eye-irrigating solution, or another medication. 

How can I get emergency eye care?

Optic Gallery Horizon Ridge sees patients with emergency eye care needs during regular business hours. The practice understands that emergencies can happen at any time, so they’re always ready to make room in the schedule when patients experience sudden eye problems. 

If you have an irritating or painful eye problem, call Optic Gallery Horizon Ridge or click on the online booking tool to set up your appointment right away.