Eye Exams

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Eye Exams services offered in MacDonald Highlands, Horizon Ridge, Green Valley Ranch, Henderson, NV

Routine eye exams can help you maintain optimal vision and prevent serious complications. At Optic Gallery Horizon Ridge, Anne Valdez, OD, and the team offer comprehensive eye exams to children, teens, and adults in Henderson, Nevada. They can help detect or rule out eye problems that affect your vision and daily life. Call the office or book an appointment online today to learn more about eye exams.

Eye Exams Q&A

What are eye exams?

Eye exams can find out if you have an eye condition requiring treatment and determine the best approach to improve your vision. 

Optic Gallery Horizon Ridge performs comprehensive exams to gain key information about your eye health and detect eye diseases early on to prevent complications. 

Why are eye exams useful?

A routine eye exam helps your eye doctor to diagnose problems that can lead to complications when left untreated. They can detect:

  • Diabetic eye damage
  • Cataracts
  • Glaucoma
  • Macular degeneration
  • Other eye diseases
  • Pink eye (conjunctivitis)

As you age, you have a higher risk of developing eye diseases that can cause serious issues or even permanent vision impairment.

What happens during eye exams?

When you arrive at Optic Gallery Horizon Ridge, you may need the following as part of your eye exam:


Medical history review

During a medical history review, they ask questions about your medical history, any medications you take, symptoms you may have, and how your contacts or glasses are working for you. 


Retinal evaluation

During a retinal evaluation, you may be given special drops to dilate your pupils. This allows your eye doctor to get a better look at the back part of your eyes and detect signs of an eye disease.


Cornea evaluation

Your eye doctor may use a specialized microscope to light up the front part of your eyes and examine your cornea, eyelid, lens, and iris to check for cataracts or cornea scratches.


Glaucoma screening

During glaucoma screening, they measure pressure inside your eyes. They might perform a slit-lamp examination, which uses a puff of air, to assess eye pressure and look for signs of glaucoma. 


Visual field tests

Visual field tests help your eye doctor to assess how well you can see peripherally (your sides) without moving your eyes.


Specialized imaging procedures

Your eye doctor might recommend you undergo Digital Retinal Photography (DRP) or other imaging tests to detect or rule out signs of an eye disease.


When should I schedule eye exams?

Schedule an eye exam yearly or more often if Optic Gallery Horizon Ridge recommends it based on your condition and risk factors. 

You can also make an appointment if you experience vision changes or new or unusual symptoms associated with vision problems or an eye disease. 

If you need an eye exam, call Optic Gallery Horizon Ridge or click on the online booking tool today,